McLanahan reported it completed a 10-meter (m) elevated thickener for managing gold leach tailings at a pure-play gold operation near Bendigo in Victoria, Australia.

A partner consultant specified material and design aspects. Due to the highly acidic and corrosive process streams, a specific sealant was procured for the thickener flanges, McLanahan reported. Coating integrity was proven by, among others, pinhole and holiday testing.

The thickener features integrated lifting attachment points, a completely match-marked assembly system, integrated electrical cable trays and conduits, a local marshaling panel readout of all instruments complete with trending and status, and integrated product sampling points at multiple locations.

The unit was designed in-house at McLanahan’s location in New South Wales, Australia.

McLanahan attributed the success in part to having local engineering capability and support. “We felt that a local manufacturer and relatively low overall delivered cost solution would be the best fit for the client,” Richard Williams, global pro-
duct manager, McLanahan, said. “Modular design provides the flexibility to manufacture in more locations and provides more certainty around time-sensitive projects.”