British Columbia, Canada-based Redwood Plastics claims its Redco Epicure (Cx) offers substantial improvement over traditional lining materials such as urethane, UHMW, rubber and other polymers in harsh-wear applications.

In addition to saving costs through longer part life, the company said Redco Epicure (Cx) can be custom molded directly into finished parts, greatly reducing labor and material waste associated with machining parts from stock shapes. The company’s mechanical designers will work with customers to design components that target the needs of their unique application.

Physical characteristics of Epicure (Cx) include the ability to perform in extreme environments from -60°C (-76°F) to 105°C (221°F), premium wear and abrasion resistanance (reinforced with ballistic composite), and standard durometer hardness of 85A, with custom formulations available in other ratings. The material’s standard color is yellow.

Applications include: liners for pipe, pump, chutes and hoppers, impellers, wear pads and bumpers, spouts and nozzles, crusher and conveyor parts, agitators and mixer paddles, cable guides, screens, filters and classifiers and others.