Process technology provider Outotec and corporate sustainability consultancy PE International recently announced progress in joint development of a new software interface for metals production sustainability and lifecycle evaluations.

To be completed in 2012, the new interface will be based on PE International’s GaBi 5 and Outotec’s HSC Chemistry software. The interface, said the two parties, will enable users to optimize HSC-based process models using the GaBi extensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases and procedures—thus facilitating identification of the Best Available Technology (BAT) from several process alternatives.

The new interface will allow users to develop product and process modeling simulations and scenarios using a life cycle perspective, plus providing all environmental impact information, according to a press statement released by the developers. In addition, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and businesses will be able to plan their operations and make material decisions based on the sustainability and life cycle information of current and future metal manufacturing scenarios and their environmental impacts. This will help to lower the environmental footprint of these products and production facilities.