Skimping on Crusher Maintenance Costs More in the Long Run

Eric Jones, global service director of comminution aftermarket for Weir Minerals, recently offered some useful guidelines and suggestions for ensuring top performance from crushers.

Jones, noting that crushers operate at high power, force and capacity in order to produce the required material, explained that this puts a great deal of strain on the crusher and its wear parts, which operators must be aware of when carrying out maintenance. Failure to do so may have a high impact, both in terms of financial cost and potential loss of production. His suggestions cover:

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Water Treatment Optimization through Innovation

The importance of water conservation and management in mineral processing can be expressed in a few short sentences that resemble circular logic: Water is an integral part of mining. Ore processing is water intensive and results in the production of tailings. The recovery of water from tailings is essential to mining operations, especially in arid climates with scarce water sources. Chris Biederman, senior engineer and technology development lead in the Water & Natural Environment Business Unit at engineering firm Hatch, recently described in an online blog post ( how Hatch has learned to use bench-scale testing to assist in quick and efficient formulation of optimum strategies for recovering and, if necessary, treating water from typical mine-site sources such as a Tailings Management Facility (TMF).

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Web-based Modeling to Improve Ball Mill Performance

Metcom Technologies recently launched the Streamline ball mill circuit modeling system, described as the first-ever web-based application which uses Functional Performance Analysis to carry out circuit performance improvements.

Metcom’s chief metallurgist, Robert McIvor, said, “This system has been specifically developed to empower the plant metallurgist and others working with ball mill circuits to make circuit modifications and realize valuable performance gains.”

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