XOS says its HD Rocksand heavy metals analyzer is highly portable and accurate.XOS says its HD Rocksand heavy metals analyzer is highly portable and accurate.

XOS, a New York, USA-based provider of materials-analysis solutions for industries and regulators, announced the release of its latest HDXRF innovation, the HD Rocksand, described as a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use solution for heavy metals detection in soil.

XOS said that because the device uses patented Doubly Curved Crystal (DCC) optics, it is able to deliver best-in-class limits of detection that enable users to conserve time and money by reducing the number of inconclusive samples that require validation by off-site laboratory methods.

Brownfield sites are often very large and users often need to move around the entire site to collect measurements. With that in mind, XOS engineered the HD Rocksand to be highly portable, integrating a comfortable handle with a lightweight design that is conducive to easy movement and efficient soil analysis. Additionally, HD Rocksand provides flexible measurement for simple soil analysis. The analyzer allows for the measurement of bagged and core samples using a hands-free, push-button feature.

For samples that require the highest precision on par with results from laboratory methods, a sample cup rotation feature is included to make accurate measurements of heterogeneous samples. Additionally, pit wall surfaces and large samples that do not fit in the portable test stand can be tested using the handheld measurement option without the need to prepare a smaller portion of the sample.