Outotec has introduced the third generation of filtration equipment in its PF filtration lineup—the PF 12 and 15 series automatic pressure filters—which complete the product line and follow the previous launch of the world’s largest pressure filter, the PF 180.

Outotec Larox PF filters are recessed plate membrane filters in which the chambers lie horizontally. The filter plates are stacked vertically to give a total filtration area between 1.6 and 252 m2 (2–300 yd2), depending on the model size. Filter capacity can be expanded by adding plates. The PF 12 and 15 series offer filtration areas ranging from 9.45 to 31.5 m2 (11–37 yd2), and 15 to 50 m2 (18–60 yd2), respectively.

Outotec said the PF line employs a single filter cloth that serpentines between the filter plates and reliably transports the cakes out of the chamber in every cycle; this eliminates any requirement for manual assistance. The PF filters operate automatically, configured either with a stand-alone panel and integrated PLC or through a distributed control system. The units’ automation capability extends beyond simple filter sequencing to process control to achieve consistent results under varying process conditions.

A wide variety of Outotec filter cloth types are available for different applications. During each cycle, the filter cloth passes through high-pressure water sprays designed to wash surface or embedded solids off the cloth, maintaining cloth permeability, ensuring consistent filter performance with every chamber having equal cloth resistance, and extending cloth life. The single cloth system, said Outotec, simplifies logistics, maintenance and allows complete cloth inspection without a shutdown.