Melbourne, Australia-based Hawk Measurement Systems, a provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has introduced a new pulp height sensor for optimizing flotation cells. The company says its very low frequency Acoustic Wave Transmitter is non-intrusive and will penetrate through froth to measure pulp height.

The sensor, according to the company, is mounted above the froth and pulp level, reducing maintenance or mechanical problems, and the transmitter can be mounted at walkway height for easy serviceability. The transmitter can be supplied ready for connection to a typical two-wire loop power supply used for the displacement float transmitter it replaces. Remote-mounted transmitters are also an option.

Hawk also offers an optional, non-intrusive transmitter to measure froth height. Continuous measurement of the froth height, provided as feedback to the control loop for the inlet dart valve, allows the flotation cell to maintain constant overflow of froth to the launder even when ore characteristics cause variations in frothing consistency.