Italian supplier Noxerior reported it has won a contract to supply a high-capacity membrane nitrogen generation plant to an unnamed mining customer in the Oceania region.

According to the company, the plant will be designed for an external location and will be capable of producing 3.000 Nm3/h (1,900 scfm) of high-purity nitrogen. The required compressed air will be supplied by a water-cooled centrifugal air compressor with a rated power of 1.7 MW protected by a specially designed weather canopy. The nitrogen generation portion of the plant will be a turn-key installation inside a dedicated ISO freight container. The plant will be tested at the factory and shipped to the customer in mid 2016.

Earlier this year, Noxerior introduced its new product line of cabinet membrane nitrogen generators under the brand name Nitromem.

“The new Nitromem product line of cabinet membrane nitrogen generators consists of eight standard models in order to cover flow rates from 5 to almost 400 Nm3/h at purity levels between 95% and 99.5%,” said Oscar de Groen, managing director of Noxerior. “Based on experience with our existing standard Nitroswing and Oxyswing PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators, we also applied the successful formula of maximum level of standardization and component sharing among the models of the new Nitromem product line in order to offer superior product quality at competitive pricing.”

The company’s large-capacity production units offer a long list of features, including:

  • Air-cooled after-cooler for incoming feed air;
  • Cyclone separator or demister for bulk condensate removal from incoming feed air;
  • Feed air filtration, including an activated carbon tower;
  • Moisture analyzer;
  • Electrical feed air heater with thyristor capacity control;
  • Set of hollow-fiber membrane modules;
  • Nitrogen flow control;
  • Residual oxygen analyzer;
  • Thermal or coriolis nitrogen mass flow meter;
  • Local pressure and temperature trans-mitters;
  • PLC-based control system with IP/Ethernet connection for fully automatic and unattended operation of the NPU on a 24/7 operating basis;
  • Automatic purity adjustment;
  • Room oxygen analyzer and smoke detector with external visual and acoustic alarm; and
  • Pressure vessels designed and certified to EN 13445 and 97/23/CE (PED).