Drawing upon its 80-year history in the process equipment and abrasion resistance industries, Linatex recently announced the introduction of a newly designed and re-engineered process equipment line which it claims combines custom-engineered systems with superior abrasion resistance to provide more cost-efficient processing solutions when compared with conventional methods. Featuring abrasion-resistant Linatex Premium Rubber as standard on all equipment, Linatex Process Equipment comprises a range of G4 hydrocyclones, G4 pumps, G4 dewatering screens and valve products.

The G4 pump range includes both rubber and hard metal pumps. The rubber pump is specifically designed for use in abrasive slurry and chemical applications, while the hard metal pump is engineered for coarse particle size and high head applications.

The Linatex G4 hydrocyclone range features three unique innovations: 1) an interchangeable inlet wedge that minimizes downtime by allowing the ability to fine tune performance without removing the unit from the process line; 2) an involute swept entry design that reduces turbulence and delivers sharper classification; and 3) a drop-in Linatex replacement liner that provides superior abrasion resistance and reduced maintenance costs.

The dewatering screens have a curved, sieve-like feed section and an upward inclination of the main deck for increased dewatering capacity. The use of centrifugal force allows a larger total screening area without increasing the size of the machine, which facilitates using smaller units and reducing investment costs. All units are supported by a range of screen media manufactured and supplied by Linatex subsidiary Durex Products.

Linatex’s valve products are fitted with rubber liners for maximum wear life in abrasive flow applications and offer a choice of heavy-duty steel operating mechanisms and robust steel, iron or aluminum bodies. All valve products can be supplied with complete automation packages.