Outotec has expanded the physical size of a model in its popular Outotec. Larox pressure filtration product line. According to the company, its Larox PF 180 series filter, used for tailings filtration, fine ore concentrate production and similar applications, is now 50% larger than the previous version. Vital statistics for the new PF 180 include a weight of 160 metric tons (mt); dimensions measuring 9 m high x 8.9 m long; maximum filtration area of 252 m2, and individual plate size of 9 m2. The unit contains up to 28 plates with 60-mm chambers.

The filter cloth used in the PF 180 is continuous, measures 200 m in length and has only one seam. Outotec provides its own cloth line, developed and designed for the PF filter and meeting the demands of the process.

Outotec also noted that the filter’s automation system has been updated, with interactive self-diagnostic features, and now also includes a user manual and electronic parts catalog with 3-D images.