Bo Møller Stensgaard

The 11th Nordic Exploration Award was presented to Bo Møller Stensgaard during November. The award recognizes his ability to start and fund exploration projects in Finland and Greenland and his efforts to promote Greenland and the European Union. Throughout his career, Stensgaard has been been fascinated by and focused on mineral potential from Greenland. He was the first scientist to assess an area in Greenland by combining different data sets (geological, geophysical and geochemical data). In 2018 Bo joined BlueJay Mining Plc and he was appointed CEO in 2021. He is involved in and responsible for all the exploration projects within the company, which currently has development projects in Greenland and southern Finland.

    The Nordic Exploration Award was established in 2006 by the Raw Materials Group. It is intended to stimulate the interest and confidence of the general public in the exploration sector and to increase the general awareness of the importance of mineral exploration. Award winners are selected by an independent committee with one member each from Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.