During the 2017 International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB) meeting, which was held recently in Moscow, Russia, medals were bestowed by EMERCOM (The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) to people who make or have made exceptional, notable work for rescue services and rescuers on the global scale. The recognition (translated from Russian directly) is “for commonwealth in the name of rescue,” or in this case for the mutual international work and friendship that contribute to the activities of rescue services and rescuers. The medal recipients (from left to right) are: Steve Tonegato, New South Wales operations manager for Australia’s Mines Rescue Pty Ltd. Tonegato runs one of the best mine rescue stations in the world. Stanislav Paulik, Slovakian director for the Central Mine Rescue Station HBZS. Paulik runs one of the most experienced mine rescue services in Europe. Christo de Klerk, CEO (now entering retirement) for South Africa’s Mines Rescue Services. De Klerk developed sophisticated technology of rescuing miners via deep shafts and boreholes. Kent Armstrong, global business development manager segment mining for Draeger Safety Canada Ltd. Armstrong has used his extensive experience of U.S. and Ontario Mine Rescue Services to develop mine rescue programs in many countries around the globe. Alex Gryska, also from Canada, serves as the IMRB secretary treasurer. He is personally responsible for several successful international mine rescue events. Stefan Dräger, CEO, Drägerwerk AG & Co., was also recognized for his service and the company’s support, but he was not on hand to accept the medal. The medals were presented at the Grand Palace of museum-reserve Tsaritsyno in Moscow.