Wear-coating specialist NanoSteel, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, recently reported that results from an overlay wear-plate application on an underground mine haul truck body show its product increased service life by a factor greater than four and yielded significant operating cost savings and increased revenue for a mining customer.

The truck, in service at a molybdenum mine in the western U.S., previously dumped ore with the load sliding over a pair of doors lined with Brinell 500 wear plate. Severe sliding abrasion resulted in the replacement of these wear plates every six months.

To reduce the number of replacement cycles, the mine installed NanoSteel SHS 9700 overlay wear plates in place of the Brinell 500 plates. After 28 months of use—representing over 4.5 times the life of the previous plates—and more than 3 million tons of ore hauled, NanoSteel said its plates are still in service.

“By eliminating three pairs of replacement wear plates along with downtime and manpower costs during three replacement cycles, NanoSteel is providing a more durable and reliable wear package, helping the customer to significantly reduce operating expenses,” said Dave Paratore, president and CEO, NanoSteel.