InEight Inc. has made enhancements to its planning, scheduling and risk software to deliver what the company claims is an improved, intelligent and multidimensional planning solution for capital projects.

The software is designed to help project managers, schedulers, workface planners and estimators remove risk from the bottom line and increase confidence with the most complete risk analytics toolbox on the market today, according to the Arizona-based software developer.

InEight Planning, Scheduling & Risk uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data from previous projects to identify threats in current projects and recommend risk mitigation strategies. The solution’s intuitive interface enables a seamless user experience that delivers clear and actionable insights on risk management, according to the company.

Nathan St. John, head of product, scheduling and risk at InEight, said, “Risks are not static. They move with the ebbs and flows of the project, so getting an accurate picture of total risk exposure across an entire capital project in real time has been something reserved for organizations with big budgets and a dedicated risk expert on staff. With InEight, now you have a complete cloud-based solution that continuously monitors total project risk, finds threats and then takes the extra step of surfacing and prioritizing mitigation options.”