Located in the Moquegua region in the south of Peru, Quellaveco is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper deposits. Scheduled by owner Anglo American to begin production in 2022, the mine’s overall plan includes eventual transition to autonomous haulage systems.

The new mine will begin autonomous haulage operations once operators are proficient in how to interact with the autonomous environment. To prepare the workforce for this greenfield operation, Anglo American has invested in simulators and learning systems from Immersive Technologies. Immersive Technologies plans to support Quellaveco throughout the training process, using blended learning systems, simulation and human performance analytics.

According to Immersive, use of its solutions at Quellaveco will expedite training to provide sufficient operators for both manned and autonomous mining operations while reducing risks associated with ramp-up to full commercial operations. The transitional period to bring the complete fleet of autonomous trucks into operation will require specific sets of skills and new roles. Human error has a significant impact on autonomous haulage system productivity. The systems being supplied to Quellaveco, according to Immersive Technologies, have been demonstrated to provide a method to build the required skills and decrease human error in the use of autonomous haulage systems.

“Operators will be involved in every stage of the transition. Immersive Technologies simulators would support this process by providing multiple simulation training solutions to generate multifunctional operators in a safe and controlled environment while being efficient,” said Bryce Mancell, technology and systems engineering superintendent, mining and technology at Anglo American.