Blasters Realizing Value of Longer Delays Allowed by Electronics

Explosives supplier BME recently called attention to an ongoing mining-industry transition from non-electric to electronic delay detonators (EDDs), a trend that the company said has brought many benefits to mining productivity. However, according to BME, there are still plenty of advantages to be gained by blasters who are prepared to think “outside the box.”

That was the message from BME’s technical director, Tony Rorke, who addressed the focus in recent years on the flexibility in blast timing that EDDs allow — and more specifically on the value of longer timing delays.

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Follow These Tips For Lasting OTR Sidewall Repairs

Monaflex, which specializes in developing systems for the repair and vulcanization of tire damage, emphasizes to its customers that correct sidewall maintenance and repair is a crucial part of maximizing the lifespan of OTR tires and minimizing time lost due to unforeseen issues and failures.

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Taming the Maintenance Budget Beast

Managing a maintenance budget can be a time-consuming task. For a manager in a new role or a site with low maturity in this area, it can be a case of “cross the fingers and hope” the monthly expenditure was in line with the budget. If budgets are developed using a zero-based methodology, said Gerard Wood, managing director of Bluefield, a Brisbane, Australia-based asset management consultancy, then it should be manageable and excursions understood. However, it requires involvement from the entire team — not just a few.

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Weigh the Benefits of Mine-duty Scale Types

Exact measurement of vehicle weight can be a helpful, and sometimes crucial, tool in evaluating certain aspects of mine loading and haulage operations. In order to be useful, any weighing devices used for mine-duty tasks need to be built to withstand the harsh conditions commonly encountered at mine sites.

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