Another U.S.-based supplier, National Fleet Products, called attention to the availability of portable, vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations. The company said its stations’ purpose-built product design allows water and hand sanitizer to be dispensed virtually anywhere, and application-specific hardware enables units to be free-standing or mounted to a wide variety of vehicles.

The black or translucent-white water-dispensing tanks come in 6.5- and 10-gallon (25- and 38-l) sizes and are made of UV-resistant polypropylene. An integrated removable soap dispenser serves as the cap to the filling port, and a separate cap is also available. Spring-toggle water spigots automatically stop water flow when no longer depressed, thus eliminating a cause of recontamination because there is no need to touch them again once hands are clean. The spigots are recessed and side mounted to protect them from damage.

Portable units are available with powder-coated steel frame stands that can be outfitted with additional accessories such as paper towel dispensers, graphic signage and more. Vehicle-mounted units are available with frame- and body-mounting hardware that is compatible with virtually any type of truck, according to the company, which said the new units meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for hand-washing stations.