Making a Dust Control Investment

Since it was established in 1991, Golden West Industries has steadily built a business solving dust problems, and it’s now recognized as a leading provider of custom chemical solutions for the mining and material handling sectors. The company specializes in dust control products for stockpiles, open areas and unpaved roads. They also have specialty chemicals for freeze conditioning and to improve material flow.



Before and after photos demonstrate the importance of dust control programs, which improve regulatory compliance and save money.

“Essentially, we have grown to become a turnkey dust control solutions provider including all facets of products and services and personnel either located on site or off site,” said Jason Pierce, vice president-global markets, Golden West Industries.
Today, Golden West Industries has five offices and warehouse facilities in various parts of Chile and Peru. “We have expanded our presence in the Pacific Rim with new offices in Mongolia, and a sales team working with miners in Russia and China.” The Golden West client roster is impressive, Pierce explained, and it includes many of the large metal/nonmetal, coal and industrial operations worldwide. They have acquired a number of new customers in Africa and Asia.
Miners have experienced remarkable success with the Chem-loc 200 series product around crushers and conveyor systems, while the company’s Chem-loc 400 series product works well for stockpiles and open areas. For haul roads, Golden West recommends it flagship product, Pennz Suppress D. They also have dust control/stabilization products for non-active areas. Today, the company is developing new products for the mining business.

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