Transporter Industry International (TII) Group said its range of Scheuerle width-extendable vehicle movers offer heavy-equipment owners a cost-effective option for moving large mining and construction machinery. In particular, the group pointed out that North American or Australian statutory provisions regarding load distribution on roads and bridges vary considerably depending on national or state-specific laws, and it is not unusual for a transport to cross several state lines en route to its destination. When crossing from one jurisdiction to the next, it’s also possible that axle spacing or vehicle width must be changed immediately to comply with local regulations.

The Highway Giant Dual Lane trailer from Scheuerle has been developed as a flexible vehicle concept to meet varying road-transport requirements in Australia and North America.


TII said the Scheuerle Widening Trailer transport system was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Australian and U.S. markets, with the new Highway Giant Dual Lane trailer recently added to the product range. The transporter’s ability to adjust width means that the loading area can be modified to suit the size of the cargo, and weight distribution can be adjusted en route to comply with different regulations-while requiring just one transporter. In order to achieve an optimal payload/tare weight ratio, the transporter’s bogies use lightweight but reliable construction and materials. The transporter is connected to the tractor with a gooseneck or drawbar.

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The width-adjustable transporter employs Scheuerle’s proven axle technology; the twin-tire axles are pendulum-mounted on hydraulically supported rocker arms. According to TII, the hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles provide greater axle compensation as well as a large displacement volume that enables the transporter to be driven under the load for pickup. The pendulum axle mounting, combined with a steering system that provides turn angles up to +/- 60°, allows flexible maneuvering even when negotiating tight bends.

TII reported that Doolan’s Heavy Haulage, a leading Australian heavy-equipment transporter, has successfully used the width-adjustable trailer to move large mining and industrial equipment. The transporter has moved a large hydraulic excavator and railroad locomotives to destinations in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Transporters from TII’s Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag subsidiaries are available to handle payloads up to 20,000 mt, according to the company.