Laird Technologies, a designer and builder of customized components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, has released its new APG BT W400 wireless access point gateway, claimed to be ideal for M2M wireless communications and for connecting Bluetooth enabled devices in a Personal Area Network to IP network via Ethernet or WLAN interface.

Based on the company’s Bluetooth platform, this gateway offers four class 1 BT modules, Ethernet and WLAN communication as a standard package. Built on an embedded Linux operating system, the device supports application development and customization using Lua scripting language and optional support for Python and Java (JVM). The gateway delivers versatile functionality to add applications, offers flexible configuration via Web or console, and provides multiple connectivity options using USB, RS232 and RJ45 ports. The APG W400 features a multi-radio modular architecture and builds on Laird Technologies’ family of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radios, including the BISM2, or an optional LT2510; and integrates Bluetooth, Ethernet and 802.11b/g in a compact form factor. The APG is designed to act as a network node and can bridge most common types of wireless, network and serial data protocols for the purpose of remote data acquisition and control.