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Atlas Copco’s self-contained, mobile MEYCO Versa concrete spraying system allows wet-mix shotcrete to be applied accurately underground by a single operator. The new concept was designed for ease of operation and reliable performance.

One of the key features of the MEYCO Versa is the boom, described as “fast, smooth and designed to reduce wear and tear.” This has been achieved by a new type of glide-bearing technology that the company developed as a result of feedback from customers. The boom, a MEYCO Mezza telescoping unit, provides stability during spraying operations. Theoretical pump capacity of the Versa system is 26 yd3/hr at 725 psi. Its concrete hopper holds 66 gallons (250 liters).

Low pulsation and high dosing accuracy from the unit’s Dosa dosing system and data logging feature means less cost from material wasted in overapplication. Dosa also adjusts liquid accelerator volume and flow instantly during operation and has an auto-stop function to prevent under-spraying.

The Versa four by four carrier with crab steering is powered by a 75-hp (55 kW) Deutz EPA Tier 4 Final, four-cylinder engine. Its entire design shares components in common with other MEYCO machinery, ensuring ready availability of parts.

As with other MEYCO products, Versa components are arranged to minimize setup and cleaning time. All key functions are carried out through radio remote control.

The MEYCO Versa is 8.5 ft tall, 25.6 ft long and has a turning radius of 22 ft outer/11.5 ft inner (2.43 m H x 7.8 m L with 6.7 m outer/3.5 m inner turning radius).

Major options and accessories include: manual or automatic fire suppression system; automatic central lubrication system for boom; rotary vane 388-cfm compressor; and maintenance service kits.