Flexco’s first reversing belt trainer, the PT Pro, uses the company’s patented pivot and tilt design, is capable of tracking single-direction and reversing belts and is available in standard- and heavy-duty options.

flexco Pro Belt Trainer

Unique, tapered rollers activate the trainer movement, eliminating the need for sensor rollers. The unit reacts to belt misalignment and compensates instantly, ensuring that the belt stays away from the structure and material stays on the belt—the pivot on the trainer influences the direction, while the tilting action increases the tension on the mistracked side, resulting in two forces that quickly move the belt back to center. The PT Pro can be used for belts that are mistracking to one side or wandering to both sides. The trainer features simple brackets for quick and easy installation. An adjustment screw fine-tunes the trainer for optimal performance. Unlike other trainers, the entire PT Pro unit does not have to be replaced when the roll has worn. Rolls are available for reorder and replacement. Ideal for medium- and heavy-duty applications, the trainer performs in both wet and dry conditions and is recommended for use in underground mining and surface mining, aggregate and bulk materials handling applications.