GeoSLAM recently launched its ZEB-REVO, adding to the company’s range of mobile, handheld 3-D laser scanners. The ZEB-REVO builds upon features of its predecessor, the ZEB1, with a faster scanner, simpler operation and greater versatility.

At its core is GeoSLAM’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which facilitates rapid mobile mapping of enclosed environments without the need for GPS. The unit’s versatility qualifies the ZEB-REVO for applications such as underground mine mapping and stockpile volume surveys. Similar to the ZEB1, the ZEB-REVO captures 43,200 points per second. However, the sensor line speed has been increased to 100 Hz, producing 2.5 times the number of scan lines.

When combined with the auto-rotation of the sensor head, a marked improvement in the resolution, cleanliness and structure of the resulting point cloud is achieved, said GeoSLAM. In addition to facilitating the identification of smaller features, the improved resolution also assists in producing better-quality SLAM registration results. Weighing only 3.5 kg and coupled with an IP64 rating means the ZEB-REVO can be deployed in harsh environments.