SKF says its Hydraulic Driven Lubricator offers an innovative solution for lubricating off-highway equipment attachments, using an integrated pump driven by the hydraulic oil itself. The technology, according to the company, has been optimized to perform in the toughest operating environments and reduces the need for manual relubrication. The hydraulically driven lubricator incorporates a patented pump design; the pump’s drive is provided by its drive piston, which is pressurized on an alternating basis by the machine’s hydraulic circuit via a hydraulic changeover valve. The piston performs either in a suction or delivery phase as long as the machine and/or attachment is in operation. The unit, according to SKF, is easy to install by fitting it directly on the attachment. The company also notes it has been engineered to perform ideally with chisel paste, which is typically recommended for rugged equipment exposed to harsh environments. Users can quickly change the lubricant cartridge when necessary.