MatrikonOPC has released Easy Trender, described as a user‐friendly software tool that allows users to quickly and easily visualize process and equipment data, thus extending the MatrikonOPC Analytics line of software that offers engineers and technicians simple industrial reporting and trending capabilities. From small data archives to massive ones, MatrikonOPC Analytics Easy Trender simplifies the task of creating and working with ad‐hoc trends. Engineers can organize important tags, trends and timestamps in a workspace, avoiding the need to continuously save and search for files. Easy Trender, according to the supplier, allows a user to view up to 25 trends simultaneously in a dashboard overview for easy side‐by‐side visualization of key information; organize trends, tags and timestamps in intuitive workspaces to isolate and group key data together in one place; and use popular trending formats like Strip‐chart, X‐Y, Histogram, SPC, Single‐Y, Multi‐Y and Multi‐X plots to represent data in the most appropriate context.