RPMGlobal unveiled XPAC Solutions 3.1, an update to the proven suite of scheduling products. The release includes speed and performance upgrades, and functionality and architectural improvements that offer more agility, the company reported.

One such new functionality is Hybrid Scheduling that allows users to bypass processing the entire schedule when making an adjustment. Instead, the user can step through the schedule incrementally, pausing at milestones and refining as they go, the company reported.

The functionality also gives users the ability to schedule both manually and automatically.

XPAC Solutions 3.1 includes major speed and performance enhancements across the process, RPMGlobal reported. Sophisticated data compaction and caching techniques make it faster to load complex 3D data into memory and reduces delays when revisiting.

The release demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing the most advanced mining technology and architecture, RPMGlobal reported.