MineSight Implicit Modeling (MSIM), soon to enter the market, will “revolutionize” the generation of geological surfaces and solids in a general mine planning system, according to software developer Mintec, which notes that constructing grade and lithological wireframe models routinely consumes geologists’ time and attention. Generating accurate grade and geological boundary models is essential, but the process often prevents the creation of multiple models, or slows down the update process as new data is added. Instead of manually wire framing drillhole data, MSIM uses mathematical algorithms to build complex shapes directly from drillholes, rapidly and accurately. Mintec claims MSIM’s ability to add user-defined control strings, points and structural measurements will enable a geologist to manage the model creation, and build more realistic interpretations of the geology. It will feature a simple user-interface, and future features will include a batch processing utility; direct-to-model output; and input data will include point clouds, existing surfaces and models. www.minesight.com