Epiroc introduced the DM30 XC Blasthole Drill for multipass rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling applications. With the platform of the DM30 II, the new unit gives 33% more power and more benefits, Epiroc said.

For multiple-pass applications, the new rig can achieve a total clean depth of 45.1 m. For single-pass applications, it can achieve a depth of 8.5 m.

The DM30 XC offers increased rotary torque and pulldown, with larger hole capability, over the predecessor unit. It is built to handle 101-mm to 159-mm drill pipe and has a weight-on-bit of up to 20,000 kg. The heavy duty, crawler-mounted hydraulic-to-head drive drilling rig features a 9.1-m drill pipe change and a standard carousel, Epiroc said.

With a robust frame and tower weldments, the drill is designed for heavy duty cycles, the supplier said. The smaller footprint can maneuver on tight benches. It comes ready for Epiroc’s Rig Control System Lite, which offers several safety and productivity features.

A spacious one-piece FOPS-rated cab with electric-over-hydraulic controls offers enhanced safety, visibility and operator comfort, Epiroc said. The drill is “easy to operate, especially for drillers who have experience in other DM-series machines.”