Septentrio launched the AsteRx SB3 receiver family. With IP68 housing, the receiver offers superior availability of RTK high-accuracy positioning, the company said.

The AsteRx SB3 can track a wide variety of signals from all currently operating Global Navigation Satellite Systems, including GPS, GLONASS, European Galileo and Chinese BeiDou. Even in dual antenna mode, AsteRx SB3 uses triple-frequency tracking to maximize robustness and availability of its heading angles, Septentrio said.

The line includes two types of receivers, the AsteRx SB3 Pro and the AsteRx SB3 Pro+. The former is a high-performance rover receiver. The latter has base station functionality and internal logging. It offers higher update rates and ultra-low latency.

AsteRx SB3 products are compatible with the AsteRx SB ProDirect receiver and the AsteRx SBi3 GNSS/INS system, making it simple to change receivers.