ESCO Tool has introduced a new clamping welding end-prep tool that compensates for out-of-round conditions and can perform complex end preps on highly alloyed pipe up to 36-in. (914-mm) O.D.

The Terminator Millhog rigidly clamps to the I.D. and has a tracker to compensate for out-of-roundness. Capable of producing symmetrical end preps of any angle, including J preps, the tool can bevel, face, and bore simultaneously on all types of hard alloys including SuperDuplex and pulls a thick chip without cutting fluids. Available with a 5-hp (3.7-kW) pneumatic or hydraulic motor, the Terminator Millhog needs only eight sets of clamps and two wedges for its entire tool range, is quick to set-up, and requires no special operator training. Providing torque-free operation, it uses TiN-coated formed cutter bits with chip breakers that direct heat away from the pipe surface.