Metaspectral introduced the Ore Resource Evaluation System (ORES) at the International Minerals Innovation Institute DEMOday in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Using artificial intelligence to analyze data from hyperspectral sensors placed along conveyor belts, ORES will automate the sampling process of potash, uranium, and other ores, providing comprehensive, real-time analysis of ore composition and quality, the supplier said.

The sensors capture hyperspectral data, which measures photon interactions to produce unique spectral signatures that inform of the properties of ore at the molecular level. The platform can provide immediate information to operators about ore quality and composition, said CEO Francis Doumet.

“This can guide early decision-making in the milling process and make it possible to identify and select only ores of a predetermined grade for processing,” he said. “Enabling the selective processing of ores makes it possible to reduce costs and lessen environmental impact, using less water and energy, while producing fewer tailings and less waste.”