Sandvik DR461i 3Sandvik said its new DR461i diesel-powered, self-propelled surface drill is automation-ready and features forward-thinking design and technology for bulk mining operations. It is capable of either rotary or down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, and includes numerous safety enhancements such as autonomous pipe handling, above-the-deck bit change, more walkways, hand railings and safety interlocks.

The new model refines many of the design and performance characteristics found on its predecessor, the DR460. However, the DR461i features a completely new cab with air conditioning and sound insulation that reduces outside noise to 80 decibels or less. It also offers unique “all in the seat” drilling and tramming controls. The GUI system digitally displays vital information while operating and tramming. Running off of the CanBus system on the drill, it functions as an all-in-one electronic depth counter and drill monitoring system, collecting information from sensors at the engine, compressor, rotary head, tracks and other systems. It then presents this data through an interactive touch screen that the operator can easily scroll through to monitor the condition of the drill, its performance and maintenance status.

As a safer alternative to the typical method of boarding the drill rig by climbing vertical hanging steps, a stairway now allows an operator or maintenance worker to carry items onto the drill with less risk of falling. It is designed to be self-leveling and will accommodate varying rig heights due to jack extension.