WEG said its line of W22 motors, from 1–750 hp (0.75–560 kW), were designed on a platform that provides high performance and NEMA Premium efficiency along with the lowest cost of ownership. A new brochure has been developed to highlight the fact that these motors are also rated for severe duty applications. Customers can now learn how one standard motor platform can be utilized in many different environments without paying extra for specific ratings or severe duty features. The 16-page brochure claims that the W22 platform of motors has the best service factor in the industry, along with an exclusive cooling system that provides optimum air flow through the motor frame.  The aerodynamic design of the fan cover also minimizes losses due to recirculation of air between fan and fan cover, and the new fan design provides significantly lower noise levels. The W22 line of motors is equipped with ball bearings as standard and an exclusive bearing sealing system that is designed to protect the bearings against moisture, high pressure washing, and harsh chemicals and dust. The brochure includes full specifications and ordering information for the full line of W22 motors.