GD955-7-minKomatsu introduced the new GD955-7 motor grader to the North American market. The grader is designed for maintaining haul roads for trucks of 100 tons and up.

The GD955-7 offers 313 kW at 1,900 rpm and has an operating weight of 47 metric tons. A 5.5-m moldboard comes standard. A 6.1-m moldboard is optional.

The model has the blade downforce pressure for efficient grading performance, Komatsu said. “Despite its large size, the GD955-7 offers excellent maneuverability,” the supplier said. “It can execute tight U-turns on a standard 100-ton class haul road without the need to fully cut the wheel or course correct.”

It has a long wheelbase. “The 27° articulation angle allows a tight turning radius and provides maneuverability for narrow haul road applications in confined spaces and around obstacles,” Komatsu said.

The GD955-7 has a new long-life circle bearing that gives smooth and precise rotation of the moldboard. It requires no play adjustments or wear plate replacement. “Coupled with a standard auto-lubrication system, the GD955-7 is engineered to help reduce planned and unplanned maintenance downtime while helping to extend life to overhaul,” Komatsu said. “This new size class motor grader will be a smart choice for increased efficiency on our customer’s mine sites.”