Siemens Drive Technologies is supplementing its energy-efficient IEC low-voltage motors with two new frame sizes for the aluminum line and has also increased power ratings on its cast-iron motors. Siemens now offers the three-phase asynchronous motors of the 1LE1 series in frame sizes 80 and 90 as well as 100 to 160.

These new motors with aluminum housings are available as 2- and 4-pole versions. Their rotatable terminal box can be set to any angle between 0° and 360°, allowing the motor to be connected from any direction and facilitating installation where space is limited. In the case of the cast-iron 1LG6 series, extension of the 315 frame increases the power rating to 315 kW. These motors are available as 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole versions. All motors are available in efficiency class IE2 and meet the requirements of EC Commission Regulation 640/2009. The new cast iron motors are also offered in efficiency classes IE3 and NEMA Premium.