Atlas Copco Diamondback drilling rigAtlas Copco said drillers can get the rig they need faster with the new Diamondback drilling rig. The rig’s bolt-on modular components shorten lead time while making it a multipurpose rig, enabling owners to reconfigure a rig in response to changes in job and market opportunities without special kits, makeshift fabrications or having to purchase another rig. Customers can specify air and mud package, rod carousel or box, automated rod handling systems (or none), rotary head type, spindle size, 34- or 38-ft tubular tower, and carrier-mounted or tower-mounted table. Only the tower-mounted-table configuration can be used for angle drilling, however. Two tables are available, offering either a 24-in. or 17-in. opening. Safety enhancements include features and options such as hands-free pipe handling and breakout, enlarged operator and helper stands, a table safety cage and catwalks that meet or exceed industry safety standards. Powered by the truck’s 600-hp engine, drilling operations of the Diamondback are PTO-driven, like the Atlas Copco T2W and Atlas Copco TH60. An optional deck engine module is available for those who prefer a separate engine for drilling operations. The first series of Diamondback rigs is being introduced in the 40,000-lb pullback class. Pulldown is rated at 30,000 lb. Future additions will range from 25,000- to 100,000-lb rigs.