Philippi-Hagenbuch reported the Load Ejector System virtually eliminates material carryback, helping to increase load capacity and operational efficiency. Load Ejectors are professionally engineered to fit any rigid off-highway haul truck, the company said.

The Load Ejector System consists of an overlapping jointed plate lattice design that rests flat against the front slope and floor inside of the truck body. When the body is raised, the Load Ejector separates from the truck bed by gravity, removing material as it hangs.

Philippi-Hagenbuch engineers Load Ejectors with three different mounting styles. The standard mount is used for carryback that accumulates on the front slope of the body. The built-up mount is engineered to address material that sticks to the front slope as well as down and back toward the rear of the body floor. The rotating mount provides full-length coverage from the front slope to the rear of the body floor and automatically pulls away from the truck body when the bed is dumped.

The company offers two material options. The standard-duty design is made of high-strength Grade 80 steel and is for operations with a minimal abrasion. The heavy-duty design is built with Hardox 450 Steel for highly abrasive materials.