ALLU Group's Mining Series (M-Series) ALLU Group’s Mining Series (M-Series) all-in-one screener crusher attachment for mining and aggregate is designed to handle a wide variety of crushable materials, featuring an innovative processing bucket that converts a wheel loader or excavator into a mobile pre-crushing and screening tool that can place crushed material either onto stockpiles or directly into trucks. Purpose-built to aggressively engage the material bank, M-Series screener crusher buckets enable the load to be crushed and processed in less than 60 seconds, providing a processing capacity of up to 650 t/h. There are six M-Series models, each with the ability to produce up to four fragment sizes and fit 30- to 90-ton-class wheel loaders and 50- to 160-ton-class excavators. The patented rear-mounted drum and bearing design uses three or four rotating crushing drums that are powered by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulically operated hinged mount plate on the wheel loader models enables an M-Series screener crusher attachment to also be used as a loading bucket with normal load-and-carry characteristics. Installation of the M-Series screener crusher includes a wired control panel located inside the carrier’s cab, which monitors and displays key performance data including hydraulics, temperature and bucket angle, as well as providing a link for real-time ALLU after-sales service. As with standard buckets, the M-Series screener crusher is designed with changeable wear parts.