Hitachi recently unveiled the EX3600-7 mining excavator to North and South American markets. The shovel delivers increased efficiency, reliability and durability, the company reported.

Available in a backhoe or shovel configuration, the shovel features fuel consumption optimization technologies that reduce consumption costs, Hitachi reported. The machine consumes 4% to 7% less fuel compared to predecessor competition.

Customers can choose between a Cummins or MTU Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4 engine, Hitachi reported. Other features include main pump electric regulators, a hydraulic regeneration circuit and increased bucket capacity. Automation features include an auto-lubrication system.

The shovel offers maximum cab comfort and safety, the company reported. The pressurized cab’s air conditioning nixes dust. The automatic weight-adjusting air suspension seat provides optimal cushioning to match the operator’s weight, Hitachi reported. Integrated electronic joysticks connected to the machine’s microprocessor enable precise and nearly effortless operation.

The shovel comes equipped with the company’s Global e-Service, an online machine management system.

Manufactured in Japan, the EX3600-7 will be available in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Brazil. The machine is also available as an electric-powered shovel in the United States and Latin America.