Mintec has released a new version of MineSight Schedule Optimizer. Chief among the host of enhancements in Version 4.0 is its seamless integration with MineSight Haulage, plus an upgrade to 64-bit technology.

Using Canvas for flowsheet design and a new graphic user interface, Version 4.0 now takes advantage of haulage data prepared by Mintec’s MSHaulage software. It imports destinations (lift, subzone, ton/volume capacities, filling sequence) directly and automatically from MineSight Planning Database, plus equipment set and parameters (truck, shovel and delay time), cycle time, cycle distance, cycle path and fuel consumption. By dragging and dropping, Canvas allows users to graphically and intuitively define mining areas, destinations, and material routing. The improved GUI allows most panels to be dockable, allowing users to open them side by side. Schedule Optimizer now generates schedules that satisfy quality, quantity and blending requirements, as well as satisfying truck and shovel hour constraints. Because of their relationship, material routing scheduling and equipment scheduling are conducted simultaneously. Version 4.0 calculates truck hours based on the cycle time from each cut to each possible destination. It calculates shovel hours based on the load time and the number of trips for sending materials in each cut to each destination. Total truck and shovel operating costs are calculated and incorporated into cash flow calculations to satisfy net present value objectives. During schedule calculation, truck and shovel hours, plus haulage costs, are calculated on the fly.