Werk Brau introduced extreme-duty excavator buckets with an aggressive dig angle, rugged construction and horizontal wear strips wear protection. Tapered side plates are engineered to reduce wear and allow for easier dumping.

The bucket is equipped with industry-standard teeth. Tooth size can be increased.

The cutter bit is made from extreme-duty T-1 material and all critical or high-wear components use AR400 through AR500 steel.

By starting with robust, dependable materials, the bucket is designed for heavy-duty action and able to endure excessive wear and tear, the company reported.

Standard sizes are available from 3/8 yd3 to 10 yd3 in various widths with custom designs offered.

Separately, Werk-Brau reported the High-Performance Loader Buckets are designed for strength and durability, and can handle material up to 1,200 kg/m3 in density. The 3° inclined bottom reduces loading forces. The bucket top channel is designed to withstand high digging forces, Werk-Brau reported.

High-strength abrasion-resistant steel is used in all critical components. All seams are welded solid, the company reported.

A curved sidewall allows for greater capacity and higher yield. Auxiliary edge and teeth are available upon request.

The buckets are available in various widths and capacities, up to 7 m3. Special designs are available upon request.