Rock Breaker System Offers Range of Configurations

Okada America Inc. released the Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System. It is designed specifically for stationary primary crushing plants as well as mobile and portable plants. The rock breaker system works in unison with impact, jaw and gyratory crushers, assisting these crushers to achieve their rated capacities, the company reported.

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Wet Filter Press Features Dual Capabilities

Micronics Engineered Filtration Group debuted the MicroPress. The 150-millimeter (mm) filter press is available both as a rental unit for pilot testing and for purchase as a small, bench-scale filtration unit.

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Detector Works in Wet Conductive Materials

ThermoFisher Scientific unveiled the Ramsey Oretronic IV tramp metal detector, which is designed to work with belt conveyors that move minerals, iron pellets, coal, aggregates and other bulk materials. It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains and tools. The increased sensitivity in the Oretronic IV detector allows it to identify tramp metal buried in wet conductive materials quickly and accurately, the company reported.

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Tough Truck Beds Can Be Customized

Besler Industries announced the 6000 and 8000 Series Flatbeds. They are designed with utility features, and are made with 11-gauge deck plate, 4-in. channel stringers and 3/16-in. by 3-in. channel cross members.

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Online Attachment Chain Configurator is Launched

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission launched its web-based Attachment Chain Configurator. The tool, like its predecessor, enables users to configure the attachment chain needed, download CAD files and request a quote for that specific chain.

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Cast Iron, TEFC Motors for Severe Duty

Nidec Motor Corp. launched the World Motor line of cast iron horizontal, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors. Comprised of the Hostile Duty, Corro-Duty, and 841 PLUS product lines, World Motor products are built to withstand a variety of severe-duty applications. The motors offer global functionality that meet or exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, the company reported.

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Turbine Generator Converts Pipeline Flow to Watts

ClearPower North America launched the M Series industrial turbine generator (ITG) for the mining industry. The ITG-M Series allows mining companies to utilize their existing gravity-fed pipelines or outfalls to convert water and selective water slurry flows into a source of sustainable, renewable, low-cost electricity.

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Light Tower Series Runs 155 Hours

Allmand Bros. Inc. released the Night-Lite V Series light towers. The ROI-driven, vertical mast design is built specifically to provide efficiency, durability and performance, the company reported. The rental-grade Night-Lite V Series boasts a longer run time and brighter output than competitive units in its class, and is strong enough for repeated deployments, Allmand Bros. reported.

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Flow Switch Detects Dry Conditions

Fluid Components International (FCI) introduced the FlexSwitch FLT93 Flow Switch, which detects dry-running conditions. The dual-alarm FLT93 Flow Switch reliably monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries and more. It is ideal for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flow rates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions, the company reported.

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Plate Turns Side Dump Bucket to General Purpose

Rockland Manufacturing Co. unveiled its patent-pending removable dump plate, which allows operators to quickly transform the side dump bucket (SDB) into a general-purpose bucket.

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Torque Measuring Device Without Batteries

Rexnord announced Monitorq, a robust and reliable torque measuring device that can be integrated into a drive line using standard power transmission products such as couplings, pulleys and gears. It is comprised of a strain-gauged torque ring and an E-90 Sensor. The E-90 Sensor provides the torque ring with inductive power and receives a radio signal back from it. The radio signal is converted into an output signal proportional to torque that can be directly connected to a control system, or shown on a dedicated screen. www.rexnord.com

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Flow Transmitter for Remote, Limited-power Sites

AW-Lake Co. and SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduced the Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Transmitter. Designed for applications with limited power, the transmitter incorporates an internal high capacity lithium battery that powers the passive inductive flow sensor and radio node for years, even in low temperatures. The flow transmitter can be configured for check-in intervals between five seconds to one hour to save battery life.

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Absence of Voltage Tester

Panduit Corp. announced the North American release of its VeriSafe, an absence of voltage tester. VeriSafe is designed to minimize risk to electrical hazards by verifying the absence of voltage before equipment is accessed.

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