Silver Mine Gets Electric LHDs

Hecla’s Lucky Friday mine deployed two Artisan Vehicle Systems 153 haulers, which are powered by lithium batteries. The mine is seeking to resolve ventilation and cooling issues, Hecla reported.
The 153 was covered in the December E&MJ. Artisan reportedly designed the 153 around the electric powertrain, battery, and advanced operator control system. The 153 is smaller than a comparable diesel loader, but has 300% of the power, Artisan reported. With 3 metric tons (mt) of tramming capacity, the LHD’s total power is 214 kilowatts and tractive effort is 75 kilonewtons. The powertrain motor’s peak power is 127 kilowatts (kW) or 170 horsepower. Its peak torque is 695 newton meters, or 513 foot pounds. It is powered by a 600 volt DC, 88 kW-hour lithium iron phosphate battery. The bucket is 1.2 cubic meters (m), or 1.5 cubic yards. Lift breakout force is 4,899 kilograms (kg) (10,888 pound force [lbf]); tilt breakout force is 7,031 kg (15,500 lbf). Total operating weight is 9.5 mt.

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Conveyor Cleaner to Reduce Cost Of Ownership

Martin Engineering’s QB1 Cleaner HD conveyor belt cleaner features a square mainframe positioned to shed dust and spillage. The urethane blade formulation can accommodate belt speeds of up to 900 feet per minute (4.6 m per second) and service temperatures of -40° to 160°F. It also features Constant Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) technology to maintain the most efficient cleaning angle throughout service life, with a no-tool replacement process that can be performed safely by one person in less than five minutes. The cleaner is available in lengths of 18 to 96 in. (457 to 2,438 millimeters), and can be ordered in 10-ft (3.05-m) sections.

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Cone Crusher Cuts Costs

Metso introduced the MX cone crusher, based on patented Multi-Action crushing technology which combines the piston and rotating bowl into a single crusher. The company reported the crusher cuts operational costs by 10% and improves uptime by 10% compared to the competition.

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Custom Coatings Nix Wear

Duralar Technologies announced Centurian, its newest generation of advanced ultra-hard deposition systems. The company’s advanced Duralar coatings, composed of multiple layers, incorporate unique metal- and diamond-based nanotechnologies to produce tailor-designed hardness, toughness and wear-resistance as well as protection against corrosion and erosion. The Centurion, featuring a hybrid design, is engineered for cost-efficient deposition of hard and decorative coatings on parts as large as 1 m2 in volume. The customer uses software to custom-design and order the coatings. In addition, coating processes can be automated through recipes for easy transfer from Duralar’s R&D center to customer sites around the world.

Schaeffler 000A5CBB.jpg

Sealed Ultra-Large Bearing

Schaeffler unveiled a sealed 241/1250 spherical roller bearing, reportedly a world’s first. Featuring an outside diameter of nearly 2 m, the ultra-large bearing was specifically designed for the highest-capacity high pressure grinding roll crushers. It is engineered to prevent the crushing materials from contaminating its internal components. The bearing’s rolling elements reportedly weigh 60 kg each. The outside diameter of the molded seal is 1.4 m. Metal shields with an optimized polymer seal house the bearings.

Nuclear Gauge for Single Platform

The Thermo Scientific InterfacePRO, a nuclear gauge for density, level and interface measurement of highly viscous process materials, allows users to standardize all process instruments on a single platform, and to reduce the size of radioactive materials used on site. The gauge is optimal for traditional gamma transmission applications (level and density measurements) or in gamma backscattering applications on large process vessels and pipelines. It uses non-intrusive and durable gamma backscatter technology that is designed to minimize maintenance and lengthen instrument life. The InterfacePRO gauge is a component of the Thermo Scientific NextGEN Nuclear Platform, which also supports the Thermo Scientific DensityPRO and LevelPRO gauges.

Surveying Laser Scanners for Pits, Piles

Maptek announced its third generation I-Site XR3 and LR3 laser scanners, which are 30% smaller and 25% lighter, with 2.5 times faster data-acquisition and a 25% improvement in range capability over predecessor competition.

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Cyberwatch - CYB-KT-100-LAN2.jpg

Wireless Machine Monitoring

Keytroller unveiled CYBERWATCH LAN, a wireless hour and alarm meter. The CYBERWATCH LAN enables monitoring of equipment usage, idling, maintenance needs and alarm warnings (such as low fuel or impacts). It has optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic, usage, pneumatic and temperature. The device handles various encryption schemes. Users can connect to the device through a Wi-Fi network to view data from a handheld device or computer. Automatic emails can be programmed with usage and alarm reporting. The device is self-contained, weatherproof, and installs on any make or model gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine.

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OTR Tires Showcased

Bridgestone Americas, Inc., showcased the Firestone VersaBuilt tire line, its first full line of off-the-road (OTR) radial tires. Key features include steel casing and SideArmor sidewalls; non-directional, self-cleaning tread; three different tread patterns, the Firestone VersaBuilt All Traction (G2/L2), the Firestone VersaBuilt All Purpose (E3/L3) and the Firestone VersaBuilt Deep Tread (E4/L4); 11 different size offerings; and a five-year limited warranty. Firestone VersaBuilt tires provide solid traction for loaders, graders and earthmovers, ensuring these machines perform at their best in a variety of conditions, ranging from muddy to rocky surfaces, the company reported.

Rod System Cuts Deviation

Rockmore launched its new Vector Rod System, featuring the new XT thread design. The design incorporates revolutionary new guided cylindrical contact zones between the male and female thread joints, the company reported. The zones increase the lateral support between thread joints and stabilize the connections to provide greater energy transfer. The thread guide feature improves thread alignment, which minimizes the impact duration when rattling rods to uncouple connections. The system also enables straighter holes with less deviation, the company reported. The XT thread profile is based on the traditional trapezoidal T thread design and is therefore compatible with industry standard thread types, such as T38, T45, and T51.

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Power Meter for Data and Control

Emerson introduced the WirelessHART Power Meter, which, the company reported, enables businesses to monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and other electrical parameters on single- and three-phase electrical systems in real-time with revenue-grade accuracy. WirelessHART communication technology ensures secure and reliable data transmission. Real-time monitoring of electricity consumption and instantaneous demand enables more granular energy management and effective, secure and reliable equipment monitoring.