Loadrite 2Trimble has launched LOADRITE InsightHQ, a Web-based mine/quarry management portal accessible via any browser, even on mobile devices. It consolidates live, operational information from Trimble LOAD-RITE devices across the site, to provide near real-time productivity and performance reports for extraction, processing and load-out operations.

Loadrite 3Users have access to live reports by customer, product, machine or product—and reports can be adjusted to suit the relevant reporting period; i.e., real time, day, week, month, year or custom timeframe. Its plant snapshot feature allows site managers to spot issues quickly to ensure delivery on their daily targets. According to Trimble, InsightHQ is a fraction of the cost of programmable logic controllers (PLC) or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) based reporting systems, but is more flexible and provides key performance indicator (KPI) data in an easy to interpret format.