Donaldson Co. introduced the Donaldson Dalamatic G2 Smart Collector. Engineered to work with materials that create sticky or agglomerative dust, the unit includes Dura-Life bag filters that are more dynamic and provide twice the life of a standard 16-oz. polyester bag.

The system’s radial seal filter design and fixed cages can help reduce the time for filter changeouts by up to 75% over predecessor competition, the supplier said. The filters also contribute to improved pulse cleaning, which results in extended bag life, less maintenance and energy savings.

This continuous-duty collector is simple to install, easy to maintain, and provides a lower total cost of ownership, Donaldson Co. said. “The Dalamatic G2 Smart Collector is also integrated with Donaldson’s iCue Connected Filtration Technology, which tracks collector performance to deliver real-time analytics to help maximize uptime, increase maintenance efficiency, and manage critical compliance data.”