IMDEX launched ACTx, a digital core orientation tool, at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention. The tool is part of the supplier’s end-to-end solutions for drilling optimization, data collection and analysis.

ACTx provides unparalleled control and traceability, an expert with the company said. “There are many ways that the ori mark can go wrong. This is where the ACTx solution changes the game,” said Mark Gabbitus, product manager.

“The new Smart Jig works with the ACTx down-hole unit to not only make it harder to put a bad ori mark on the core, but the system also collects QA data about the orientation and marking process that the geologist can access in IMDEXHUB-IQ,” he said. “Additionally, the driller can see when there are issues and enter in comments about what went wrong and why. This gives the geologist more confidence in the data they are using.”