INOVINTA group’s SHYFTinc is awarded almost $1 million to further develop an autonomous mobile inventory management system. (Photo: INOVINTA)

FORTAI announced the imminent release of the Sanitization SmartCube, used to sanitize personal protective equipment (PPE) and based on the company’s SmartCube solution.

SmartCube is a mobile inventory management solution that allows safe containerization and transportation of materials, to include explosives.

The Sanitization SmartCube development team includes expertise from the INOVINTA group.

Separately, INOVINTA group subsidiary SHYFTinc reported it received $900,000 from the Ontario, Canada, government to further develop ADMMIT, an autonomous mobile inventory management system. The system tracks, delivers, and manages material movement in real time, from purchase to consumption, and links to mine planning and inventory controls, SHYFTinc reported.

Combined with the company’s SmartCube containers, the system offers a mobile warehouse and can be used to track tools, explosives and parts.

The company was the first mining supplier to receive money from Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network. SHYFTinc develops automation and software solutions that target mining job site safety and productivity.