Sandvik released its Peak Screening offering, described as a complete screening solution that includes the screen, screening media and service program.

With the release, the company introduced three new ranges of modular screens that were designed to be maintenance friendly, versatile, reliable, and faster to deploy and operate.

Under a Peak Screening agreement, the customer would be qualified for one of the new screens, screening media, including the WX6500 tensionized rubber screening media, and a service package.

Sandvik guarantees its screening solutions will achieve key performance indicators.

The concept reflects the company’s commitment to solving customer needs, Sandvik reported. “We want to help customers benefit from the competitive advantage Peak Screening can provide, while establishing it as the defining screening performance standard of our industry,” said Mats Dahlberg, vice president, lifecycle service, stationary crushing and screening, Sandvik.

Separately, Sandvik launched the Guide Adapter, which reportedly can reduce top hammer hole deviation by up to 50%. The solution is designed to help customers achieve greater productivity, longer tool service life and improved safety.

In-depth bench drilling tests showed the solution limited deviation to between 3% and 5%, which is a reduction of up to 50%. It helped to increase the service life of rock tools by up to 40%, Sandvik reported.

The Guide Adapter is available for T51 and GT60 Top Hammer threads in different diameters.