GE Energy Connections has unveiled the new GuardEon molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB), the result of two years of iterative design and development based on customer feedback and the company’s experience in mining and other industrial segments.

According to GE, the GuardEon global circuit breaker platform provides smart, secure and reliable operation, and has been specifically built for the digital industrial era. The GuardEon platform offers users a robust design with rotating faceplate, ergonomic rotary handles and fewer internal parts than GE’s previous MCCBs; predictive maintenance capabilities via its PremEon, PremEon S or PremEon G trip unit; and advanced safety protection with its ArcWatch system, which enables simultaneous uptime and protection across connected equipment.

Customers who select GuardEon with PremEon G will be able to monitor the breaker’s mechanical and electrical health. This is critical in industrial applications where unplanned downtime can derail an otherwise successful operation. GuardEon collects and analyzes performance data to help customers diagnose problems before they occur and make better-informed decisions about maintenance, which can improve productivity and uptime. GuardEon also allows for remote monitoring and testing from a safer distance, outside the arc flash zone.