Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings has launched Dura-Plate 2300, an epoxy-modified cementitious resurfacer for patching and filling voids and bugholes in concrete and masonry structures. Dura-Plate 2300 is claimed to provide a hard, durable surface with excellent adhesion that minimizes the potential for pin-holing and outgassing problems typically associated with coating concrete. The abrasion-resistant coating is part of a complete three-component kit that contains Portland cement, hydrophobic thixotropes, fiber reinforcement, graded silica sand and other aggregates. It contains the Part A epoxy, Part B hardener, and Part C mortar in a single packaged solution. During application, it can be reagitated to reduce viscosity and improve workability time inside of its 70-minute pot life.

Dura Plate 2300Dura-Plate 2300 can be dry to touch in three to four hours and cures for immersion in 12 hours at 75°F. The product can be applied at a minimum of 40°F. Without the need for heated curing in colder temperatures and moist curing in hot environments, Dura-Plate 2300 eliminates the application and curing restrictions associated with cementitious repair mortars. Available in flat concrete gray, Dura-Plate 2300 can be applied via hand trowel or spray at package consistency and it releases easily from the trowel to reduce worker fatigue. The addition of potable water can aid in spray application characteristics.